This rare brochure gives a sneak-peak at the 1959 Chevrolet before it’s official introduction. It has a cardboard back that is printed to resemble a clip-board, with all of the pages stapled to it. There are no photos or fully illustrated views of the cars in here, only profiles and cut-away illustrations. They were attempting to give the reader the impression that the cars were still in development at this stage. There is no mention made of any of the models available for ’59. This brochure strictly covers technical specifications and new features. The “cover letter” reads:

Dear Friend:

Last fall, Chevrolet broke precedent and previewed the all-new 1958 Chevrolet for you before public announcement. We had a real story to tell you, the auto service specialists and our good parts customers. Our enthusiasm has been borne out by Chevrolet’s impressive sales leadership. And we feel that you, as our partners in service, were instrumental in the gratifying response to the introduction of the 1958 Chevrolet.

. . . This year we’ve done it again–in two ways!

First, for the second year in a row, an entirely new Chevrolet has been engineered–a car even more strikingly advanced in styling than any new model in the past.

As you look through this material, you will see that major design advances give Chevrolet NEW STYLE . . . NEW VISIBILITY . . . NEW RIDE . . . NEW ROOMINESS . . . NEW ECONOMY . . . plus many other important features such as a new acrylic lacquer finish that we feel will make the 1959 Chevrolet more than ever the car that most people want.

We extend a special invitation, on behalf of your Chevrolet dealer to see this remarkably new Chevrolet on October 16. When you see it, you’ll surely want to take it out on the road–and that’s where Chevy shines!

Cordially yours,

H. F. Barr
Chief Enginner
Chevrolet Motor Division

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