“The Chevrolet Story 1911-1959”, published in 1959 states in chapter six: Thirty-Two manufacturing and assembly plants are operating for the Chevrolet Motor Division. Twenty of these facilities are manufacturing centers and twelve are engaged in assembly operations. Here is a breakdown of these plants:

Bay City, Michigan
Buffalo, New York
Cleveland Passenger Transmission
Cleveland Pressed Metal
Detroit Forge
Detroit Gear and Axle
Flint Frame and Stamping
Flint Motor
Flint Pressed Metal
Flint Engine
Indianapolis Commercial Body
Livonia Spring and Bumper
Muncie, Indiana
Saginaw Grey Iron Foundry
Saginaw Service (Michigan)
Saginaw Transmission
Toledo Passenger Transmission
Tonawanda Forge
(New York)
Tonawanda Motor
(New York)
Tonawanda Foundry
(New York)
Atlanta, Georgia
Baltimore, Maryland
Bloomfield, New Jersey
Flint, Michigan
Janesville, Wisconsin
Kansas City, Missouri
Los Angeles, California
Norwood, Ohio
Oakland, California
St. Louis, Missouri
Tarrytown, New York
Ypsilanti, Michigan


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